From the July 2011 magazine.

July 2011: Four Sheets to the Wind

A World War II vet recalls how a ship full of whiskey got his captain sober

Many empty and partially empty bottles were dumped into the sea.

The other night, a group member brought a large stack of old Grapevines to the meeting. I was able to latch one from October, 2005, which featured a story by David of Oregon entitled, “That Should Tell a Person Something.” Reading that story triggered a memory, long forgotten, that happened to me during World War II.

The war was in full action, and our freighter had just come back from delivering a cargo of food and ammunition to the port of Vladivostok in Russia. We docked at the port of Gourock on the Clyde River in Scotland, loaded a cargo of woolen goods (uniforms, blankets, etc.) destined for our armed forces. The crew watched, wide-eyed and drooling as the stevedores loaded case after case of various brands of famous scotch whiskey.

-- Bill W.

Lowell, Florida

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