From the August 1989 magazine.

Recovery Feels Better Than 'Feeling Good'

A friend of mine and I started a gay group in our town about four years ago. Philosophically I am opposed to special interest groups of any kind, as I feel that our common problem brings us together and the tolerance we learn in the program should help us grow and relate to various types of people. This, I feel, is one of the beautiful byproducts of AA membership. I justified this new group, nonetheless, because there are certain gay people who would not attend AA--at least initially--were it not for a group of this sort.

As is true with many fledgling groups, attendance was sparse for the first couple of years. In fact, people stayed away in droves. More often than not it was me, my friend, and the coffeepot. We continued to come back, though, week after week, because our city has lots of gay alcoholics in it and I was sure that sooner or later some of them would start taking advantage of our group. And, in fact, they did. Many came and went, but over time a small core group developed.

-- Gary R.

Fenton, Michigan

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