From the July 1944 magazine.

Points of View

Editor's Note: Probably the most exciting moment in the early life of "The Grapevine" after its actual birth, came with the first batch of mail. We couldn't believe it! This puny infant had apparently given such a lusty yell on emerging that it had been heeded right across the country. There were fat letters, and this is what they held: 34 subscriptions from Philadelphia; 19 from San Diego, Cal.; 11 from Madison, Wis.; 9 from Kansas City, Mo.; 7 from Alexandria, Va.; 6 from Kent, Ohio; 6 from Los Angeles, Cal.; 4 from Ashtabula, Ohio; 4 from Fulton, N. Y.; 3 from Chicago; and many individual ones from Washington, D. C., Akron, Ohio; Bridgeport, Conn., Cleveland, Harrisburg, Pa. and other points where A.A. has taken root. And some of the letters moved us deeply: the one for instance from the four wives of A.A.s in Fulton, N. Y. who were giving the subscriptions to their husbands for Father's Day, and the one from the man who had "scooped his group" because it was his day to pick up the mail and he found The Grapevine--he said that since he hit A.A. "something good was always happening to him!" Anyway, it looks as if there had really been a need, or at least a wish, in many places for such a publication, and we the Editors are deeply gratified at such a heart-warming response. It makes all those hideously late nights worthwhile!

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