From the December 1949 magazine.

First Things First!

The A. A. Grapevine wants to publish a series of short pieces explaining how the famous AA slogans and the 24-hour plan have helped so many AAs in so many places. Below are the first entries. Give us your interpretation, won't you?


AT FIRST I thought this meant just sit still and sobriety would be laid in my lap. But along about the 4th Step I began to realize that I had always been a guy who wanted my rewards before I was hardly well begun on the job. When they didn't come as and when I figured they should, I'd slack off, lose interest and usually leave things unfinished.

With that slogan ringing in my ears, I have gradually learned to quit worrying about when the pay-off was coming, and how much it would be. I started leaving that part up to God and just kept on doing the best I could, day by day. Know what happened? I began to get compensations I hadn't figured on at all. They came from sources I wouldn't even have thought of, they often arrived in coin I hadn't expected, and almost invariably they'd be more than even I thought I deserved!

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