From the June 1968 magazine.

Dear Editors:

. . .a promising method. . .

Those winds again: In the March issue of the Grapevine, under the general head "Winds of Change," there were three articles and an editorial concerning new kinds of meetings devoted to telling the total truth about oneself in a group. Not very many editorial features in the Grapevine produce as much comment in the form of letters and full-length manuscripts as this one has. Some but not all of the comment is contra--contra the idea of such meetings, and contra the editorial, which found in them a kind of harking-back to AA's beginnings in the Oxford Group. Herewith we print what had come in up to the printer's deadline for this issue, in the form of a super "Letters to the Editors" section. It warms our editorial heart to see such interest in Grapevine pages.--The Editors

The articles in the March issue on new kinds of AA meetings are tremendously impressive and stimulating. Last Saturday night I referred to them in the course of my AA talk. Dr. H. was in the audience, and afterward referred to a phenomenon that hits many members between their eighth and twelfth years of sobriety as the "AA menopause. . . ."

-- L. H.

N. Hollywood, California

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