From the March 1969 magazine.

Carrying the Message

Escape from a nightmare

I spent two nights in San Blas, Nayarit, a tiny, mosquito-ridden, wretchedly hot tourist trap on the Pacific. The second night I slept fitfully, with several nightmares--one of imminent death, and another of being so thoroughly, soddenly drunk (and so completely guilt-ridden about my condition) that not even AA could help me. I can't recall when I have waked in such a state of nerves, fears, depression, and despair. I had arranged with a guide for a deep-sea fishing trip that morning, and was so confused and despondent that I nearly didn't go.

In the boat, the guide, who spoke fluent English, questioned me rather closely as to why I didn't drink, then asked outright if I was alcoholic. when I said yes and told him of the nightmare about being drunk, he said his father had been alcoholic and he'd cared for him for years before he died drunk. The guide had been to several AA meetings in Tepic, and had helped to sober up several people. He was very understanding and helpful, and concerned to the point of insisting that, if I get into any drinking difficulty down here, I get in touch with him at once, and he will personally take me back to the States.

-- M. H.

Oaxaca, Mexico

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