From the May 1978 magazine.

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One man's program

When first coming into AA, I jumped from one part of the program to another. After three months, I suddenly realized other members were talking about living twenty-four hours at a time. Some were working the twenty-four from midnight to midnight. Others started their twenty-four on arising each day, but I picked mine as starting right at this point in time. "Just don't take that first drink for twenty-four hours from right now" has led me into contented sobriety.

For the first year, the First and Twelfth Steps carried me. I thought I had it made. A full weekend of talks on all the Steps at a retreat pointed me out as a two-stepper. Since then, a study of all the Steps in discussion groups has taught me a great way of life. I never grasped the real meaning from reading them by myself.

-- I. McI.

Saint John, New Brunswick

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