From the May 1994 magazine.

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Alcoholic and a. . .

A recent move from state to state reminded me how thankful I was Dr. Bob and Bill W. found each other that May 1935 day in Henrietta Seiberling's parlor. I arrived in my new home and soon found meetings to attend at all times of the day or night.

Some members welcomed me warmly while others stood by and offered quiet support. There were those, too, who found it necessary to tell me what I should be doing, a behavior that did not strike me as at all unusual since I engage in it myself still more frequently than I'd like to admit. Since the move, I have also paid more attention to the regional difference in AA. The format of meetings is unlike what I am used to and although still in the process of adapting to this difference, I think the observations I am about to make have little to do with this circumstance.

-- D. K.

Takoma Park, Maryland

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