From the November 1944 magazine.

Do You Know:


By the time most of us have reached A.A., we have suffered and, contrary to our expectations, have survived many hangovers. This happy and surprising turn of events is seldom due to the magic potency of advertised nostrums. Nor to the "infallible remedies" so enthusiastically endorsed by well-meaning friends and fellow-sufferers. The victim, however, may be relieved of the physical symptoms of a hangover.

This short dissertation is concerned only with the physical side, which is a problem in physiological chemistry and is amenable to a rational approach. It is not to be expected that the sufferer will be capable of any rational approach. However, his friends and well-wishers should bear in mind certain definite objectives. These objectives are to replace the fluid and salt deficiency and to restore the nutritional deficit, which is due, not only to a lack of food intake, but also to a depletion of the bodily reserves. In the latter, vitamins play a part, but only a part; when used alone they fall into the class of the aforementioned infallible remedies. Depending on the severity of the hangover, it may take anywhere from one to five days to achieve results.

-- An Anonymous Doctor

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