From the March 1944 magazine.

Chapter XXIBoomerang

For the special delectation of Grapevine readers: A chapter, in 2 installments, from the novel September Remember by Eliot Taintor, to be published by Prentice Hall on April 16th. The author is an

Chapter XXIBoomerang

Kidd Whistler had been optimistic about Joe. All the A.A.s were positive Joe would snap out of it. "Sure, he'd had a slip--so had plenty of other members--but Joe had been in the group too long to go off the deep end--and stay off." Emily was confident too.

"Give him time, Rick, he's had a terrible shock, but Joe's a strong person. Don't worry, darling, or you'll start me worrying about you." She had put her arms around Rick's neck and pulled his head down level with her eyes and he had felt her quiet strength going through him. God, how had he ever managed to live without her all these years! How did Joe manage without. . .and there he was back in the old fretful puzzle of Joe's binge.

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