From the December 1945 magazine.

A.A. at Work for the Seamen

In reference to my work at Seamen's Church Institute in Manhattan, I submit an analysis briefly covering the rudimentary details of my job, including a typical case history.

I think I may best explain my relations with these men who reach me by presenting them as a group, as their individual experiences are strikingly similar. These men, for varying reasons, have been drinking for periods of from a few days to several weeks, have, for the most part, been in fights and arguments, usually requiring both medical and surgical attention. Their money is invariably gone, papers lost or stolen, and many are on the verge of the "shakes" or delirium tremens. At this stage I take them to the alcoholic ward at Bellevue Hospital, where they are kept from one to three or more days until their medical condition is corrected and their appetite at least partially restored.

-- Bill F.

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