From the August 1952 magazine.

The True Confessions of a Man on a Pink Cloud

Wherein a man retakes his inventory

CONTINUING to take personal inventory can be revealing and oftimes shocking.

Recently a situation arose which forced me to sit down and have a look at myself as I am now, compared to the way I was when I took that first so-called fearless Inventory of myself. From the way I can see myself, now. . .today. . .the first inventory was neither very searching nor fearless. The Inventory was made all right but I realize now that before I took it I arranged a big fat pillow to land on. . .a pillow that soon turned into a fine pink cloud. Everything I had done to myself and others I could and did blame on one thing. . . "I was drunk, I didn't know what I was doing. I'm an alcoholic. . .a sick man." Well, I'm still an alcoholic but I'm not drunk and I have been reportedly returned to sanity. I am shocked at the picture I see of myself today.

-- Anonymous

New York, New York

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