From the May 1957 magazine.

Spring House Cleaning

IN THE SPRING this old drunk's fancy turns to revising his inventory. This spring I really need to, for I have been having too many resentments and too much self-pity. Whenever resentments creep in, it's inventory time. And this is to tell you what I came up with. It surprised even me, and made me feel so much better that I got enthusiastic about it.

One of our co-founders said of the AA program, "Keep it simple." The idea, when I read it, made sense to me, and I have always been ready to repeat it with conviction; but the trouble is, I apparently don't know what simplicity is. The dictionary says in part, "artlessness of mind; lack of duplicity"; and it also uses the word "uncompounded" as part of its definition. For many years my mind has been duplicity itself, and just because I wrung the alcohol out of it, it didn't suddenly change. I thought it had, for after all I was sober and life was lots more pleasant than ever before. . .but the old spring house-cleaning says not.

-- B.B.

Dillard, Oregon

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