From the March 1962 magazine.

Who Gets the Most Sobriety?

there's a big difference between being dry and knowing the joy of the program

MAC and I were scheduled to take in a regional meeting to discuss various topics of importance to the groups involved. Now I am one of those AAs who doesn't have a driver's license, guess why. Anyhow, I had told Mac I would go with him and to pick me up at my corner. I stood there for an hour and then phoned Mac. He was all apologies. Something had come up in his business and he'd clean forgot our date. Well, I kept my serenity. It was too late for me to call anybody else so the meeting went unrepresented from our group. Mac is a good AA, loyal and usually dependable. Anybody can forget an appointment. I knew all these things but I still burned a little. So I decided to take inventory and see where I could improve my own dependability.

There are some lukewarm people in AA who come to meetings occasionally, never having had very much "outside" trouble from Old Man Booze. They are highbottom, strictly, and once they get dried out they seem to stay that way with a minimum of effort. I've got nothing against them. At least I know I shouldn't have. To be honest about it, I still resent them but I'm working on it (Steps Six and Seven). Anyhow, after listening to Mac's apologies, I determined to try to be more dependable myself in every way possible.

-- C. B.

Detroit, Michigan

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