From the March 1964 magazine.

The Room Within Us

Humility is "spiritual charm"--and something more

MANY of us come to this fellowship with a background of unbridled ego--bald, exaggerated, wholly offensive ego. Here, we are quickly absorbed into a fellowship and the activity of selflessness and love. In the spiritual shower bath that results, a massive process of ego reduction takes place painlessly and pleasantly, at least for most of us. We begin to hear humility mentioned frequently. What is it, we wonder? As a practical matter we come to know it, and feel it when we see it in others. We are much less aware of humility or certain about it in ourselves, which is all to the good. One solid old-timer of my early days, used to say, "Humility is that quality which when you think you've got it, you probably ain't."

Another old-timer of my early days used to refer to humility as being "one's relative degree of spiritual charm!"

-- Anonymous

Lodi, Ohio

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