From the July 1964 magazine.

Doc Is Doing Real Well Now

The only doctor in town wins his battle against drugs and alcohol

I LIVE in a small town but it has been good to me in the last five-and-a-half years. Everything is "everybody's business" but AA has taught me that my sobriety is really everybody's business and it would be even if I were not the only doctor in town. I'm glad when someone says to my wife, "Doc is doing real well now, isn't he?" I have over three months without any drugs or alcohol. It is not the first time in the past six years of being around AA, but it is the best time of that six years.

I went from alcohol to barbiturates (by way of equanil) to a suicide attempt which very nearly succeeded, to sobriety (for about six months), to the amphetamines (after all I had so much to catch up on--or was it for some other reason?), to the narcotics.

-- Anonymous

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