From the October 1971 magazine.

Which Ones Will Land Among the Lushes?

Some people just drink. Others will be driven to drink

IT'S ALL VERY WELL for the statisticians to tell us that sixty out of a thousand drinkers will become alcoholics--but which drinkers? This sloppy method of tallying could have half the tavern population mentally plucking petals from daisies as they try to forecast their fate. Unfortunately, there's no way of telling just by looking into a person's blue eyes. But we think we do know of certain folks who are heavy odds to land among the lushes.

Take, for instance, those ravishing young housewives who have faces and forms like Raquel W., but make lousy coffee. They're practically just home from the honeymoon, but already the jaundiced eyes of Hubby are looking elsewhere, to the espresso joint on the corner or to the homely biddy next door who brews a good pot. From there, it's just a step to his making cutting remarks about the girth of his spouse's ankles or the way she sings off key. Eventually, stripped of all but her fabulous face and figure, she will have no recourse but to start belting the cooking sherry. Unless, of course, a certain Mrs. O. comes along with that can of high-altitude stuff which by now seems grafted to her rib cage.

-- J. T., D.D.S.

Negaunee, Michigan

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