From the April 1977 magazine.

When It's Time to Retire

At first there's a feeling of loneliness but AA sharing makes everything right again

MY WIFE AND I left Maine eight years ago to settle on the west coast of Florida. We were in no way prepared for the shattered dreams and loneliness that come to so many of us retirees when we pull up our roots, leave our jobs, friends, children, and grandchildren, and move miles away into a strange area with a totally different climate. Within a few months, we wanted to move back north, as many other retirees have done.

I had made a feeble attempt to locate an AA group in the surrounding area, but without success. The dangerous thought crossed my mind that because I had been sober for so many years, my wife and I didn't need Al-Anon and AA any more. In my foolish mind, I thought we had left all our dear friends and the joy of fellowship in Maine. It was now we needed friends and fellowship to survive. We prayed for an answer, as we had been taught to do in these programs.

-- D. W.

North Port, Florida

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