From the May 1955 magazine.

Gratitude From a Newcomer

I WONDER if we new members give much thought to what went on before AA found us.

Maybe we might wonder what happened to the pioneers and what they did to keep such a thing as Alcoholics Anonymous, so vital to us, alive and interesting. I know that these old-timers or founders of AA in every town had to fight for their very lives, and with few tools, alone and without social acceptance. They had to fight day by day. They had to love and care for each other for they had so little to fight with. Like all pioneers, with liberty, life and freedom in the balance, with only themselves and a faith in the infinite help of a loving, tender and understanding God, they fought through and attained a goal that they had been seeking for years. When they received a call from another fellow-sufferer they didn't dare say, "I'll see you tomorrow," or "Call Joe, he lives closer than I do." They got up and made the call regardless of the time of day, kind of day or distance, because they knew that their very existence depended upon their helping another sick alcoholic in the same condition they had been in but few short days or weeks before.

-- Anonymous

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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