From the June 1991 magazine.

A Desire to Change

One alcoholic sharing his or her experience, strength, and hope with another is the heart of Alcoholics Anonymous. This month, six more AAs share their thoughts on this topic, so vital to AA's future.

Sponsorship was the topic of the meeting. The chairperson voiced her concern that some AAs are likely to find themselves quickly involved in service work and are slow to get experience in working one-on-one with the newcomer. How did the AA founders do it? she queried. Shouldn't we look at how sponsorship has changed and maybe get back to the way they did it?

Maudine, one of the newer members, recalled how her sponsor had gone the extra mile, showing up unannounced the night of her last drunk. She explained how fearful she was and how suspicious those around her were of her sponsor....

-- Alan L.

Gentry, Arkansas