From the July 1969 magazine.

Youth Reaches Out to Youth

A teenager himself not too long ago, Bunky found it's a short step from helping Alateens to helping all teens

LESS THAN a year ago, Bunky was a patient in the alcoholic ward of a state hospital.

During the past nine months, he has influenced the lives of more than a hundred Alateens as their sponsor in Fort Worth, Tex., and this is only a small part of the work of an AA member who is himself only a few years past legal voting age.

He and his devoted Al-Anon wife have eclipsed anything that has happened to the Lateen movement in the past quarter of a century in Forth Worth. Alateens have regular meetings once a week at the Harbor Club and have a number of projects under way at all...

-- J. C.

Forth Worth, Texas