From the October 2007 magazine.

Self-diagnosis: Drunk

An experiment in controlled drinking

So i was an alcoholic! Who would have guessed? Apparently, I was the only one who didn't. Yet, despite my lone surprise, I embraced my newfound discovery with gusto.

I threw myself into the program and did everything that the AAs suggested over the next eighty-nine days. They said, "Go to meetings the way you drank." So I did--in the evenings, right around happy hour. It had been my time to let down my hair at some unsuspecting bar. Instead, I went to a meeting. Weekends were troubling for me, too, so I turned to round-the-clock meetings on those days. They also told me, "Read the Big Book," so I diligently scoured the pages, highlighter in hand.

-- Nicki J.

Los Angeles, California

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