From the August 2007 magazine.

The Intersection Of Grace And Willingness

He came to quit drinking, and found peace of mind

When i hear an aa talk, my favorite part--the part I wait for--is the "what happened" part. It's the turning point that links "what it was like" and "what it's like now."

In my case, it happened at 10:35 P.M. on December 31, 1996. I was alone at my sister's house. I remember the time, because I looked at a clock on my way to refill a drink. I had escaped my wife. Earlier that evening, she had thrown a chair at me. She was in a wheelchair at the time. Naturally, I had to leave in order to "protect myself." I did the usual, i.e., pack a bag, stop at the liquor store, and find a motel...

-- B.E.

Wildomar, California