From the August 2010 magazine.

Spiritual toolbox

An AA couple puts together a handy resource for spiritual solutions

One morning when my husband and I were on a road trip, we read something in Daily Reflections about a "spiritual kit of tools." As we drove down the highway we decided to make a list of things we would put into our spiritual toolbox. We had such fun that a few days later we stopped at a hardware store and bought the smallest toolbox we could find. We also bought a plug and receptacle so we could "plug in" to our Higher Power. These went into the box along with a Grapevine; a "God box" (a small box where I place notes to God when something troubles me); small copies of the Big Book and "Twelve and Twelve"; a small notebook and pen; and several 3 by 5 cards with reminders on them such as "Write a gratitude list from one to 10," "Rule 62," "Easy Does It" and other slogans, as well as page numbers of where to find prayers in the literature. In the tray that sits inside the top of the toolbox, I put my sponsor's phone number.

I began using this spiritual kit of tools right away and still do. In moments of confusion I open the toolbox and invariably come across something that reminds me of how to handle a difficult situation. At other times I take out the Big Book and read a passage, or I use the tablet and pen to write something down for the God box.


Bend, Ore.

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