From the July 1976 magazine.

He Hated Drunkalogs--So He Drank

WITH TWO YEARS and four months of good behavior behind prison walls, I was granted a work furlough and went to work for a Bureau of Alcohol and Drug Abuse. One day at lunch, I started to read hack copies of the Grapevine that were in the library. In the July 1964 issue, a story hit home: "I Hated Drunkalogs.'"

I began to look back at my first year in prison. I went to AA thinking I'd get out sooner if I did. Not a very good reason, but that's how it was. During my second year, sonic-thing happened that, if I'd been on the outside, would have started me on a good binge. Keeping that...

-- N. T. L.

Carson City, Nevada