From the April 1986 magazine.

Let's Stick to the Point!

Some years ago I read a book on how to think clearly, and from it I retained one major concept. It is the suggestion that when we are bogged down in trivia and details, we are to ask ourselves, "Just what am I trying to do?"

Within the program of Alcoholics Anonymous, "Just what am I trying to do?" is answered on page 60 of the Big Book: "The point is that we are trying to grow along spiritual lines." This spiritual growth changes the old ideas that would lead us back to drinking. For ourselves and for those we sponsor, we use our experience, strength, and hope to help bring about this growth. Then in Step Twelve, as the result of the first eleven Steps, we are promised a spiritual awakening, an affirmation that recovery, too, is progressive.

-- R. M.

Temple, Texas

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