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Magazine Issue

Alcoholism At Large

April 2023 | AA & Families
Parents’ influence on students’ drinking

At Wit’s End

April 2023 | AA & Families

A Much Better View

April 2023 | AA & Families
With a little action and meditation, she can see the love, the hope, the gratitude and the trees

What Have You Got to Lose?

April 2023 | AA & Families
Utterly beaten, he reluctantly prayed and fell asleep. In the morning something incredible happened

Checking the label

April 2023 | AA & Families
Thanks to AA, she stopped categorizing everyone. It was making her want to drink

My friend in Valencia

April 2023 | AA & Families
Like me, he didn’t speak much Spanish. He needed someone to talk to. Over time, it became apparent we were helping each other stay sober.

The big “Lie”

April 2023 | AA & Families
Her interest in service was met with what some might call a little fib. But it sure changed her life

40 Years of Tears

April 2023 | AA & Families
Grief and pain used to just build up, but now that she’s sober she can meet it head on

The Hitchhiker

April 2023 | AA & Families
Thumbing her way across Ontario in a raging snowstorm, a newcomer gets the surprise of her life

Back in the game

April 2023 | AA & Families
A close brush with death showed him how much he is loved and how grateful he is to be sober


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