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Getting Filled Up

Magazine Issue March 2021 | Topics Gratitude Service/Into Action Spirituality Travel in Sobriety

Big Book, Coffeepot & Me

October 2020 | Money and Sobriety
For the first two months, I’d show up Wednesday nights at the appointed time, unlock the space, make coffee and sit there and read. After an hour, I’d dump the coffee.

A Sweet Sign

June 2016
On a beautiful country drive to visit his sisters, something was trying to get his attention

Mary On the Go

August 2015
She used to hate traveling, but now that she's two years sober, she's hitting the road

Seeing Is Believing

July 2015
On a trip to London in early sobriety, she saw that AA worked

A Mother's Final Gift

December 2014
A newcomer reconnects with her dying mom and gets a little surprise in the mail

Sober Firsts

June 2014

Rap My Knuckles, Tickle My Funny Bone

June 2014
What one member has learned from 40 years of reading Grapevine

Those Cornhusker Blues

April 2014
Sitting in a hotel room in downtown Lincoln, he found himself ruminating on some experiences from decades before

Dear Grapevine

June 2010
YPAA memory lane


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