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Living in a human world

June 2022 | Stories by Longtimers!
When loss and grief come, we pray and reach out for help. The beauty happens when we share it with others

Filling Up

June 2022 | Stories by Longtimers!
I was really steaming when I turned the car off and started to fill up my tank. Just then, I heard a lady on the other side of the pump ask me if I could help her.

A Different Perspectıve

May 2022 | 60th Anniversary of the Concepts
Once she got a service sponsor general service became her passion, and a whole new world opened up

Starting my day over

May 2022 | 60th Anniversary of the Concepts
A mom in California writes about fellowship, grief, kindness, humor and being present

AA will catch us

May 2022 | 60th Anniversary of the Concepts
As she swings through AA life, she knows it’s OK to take chances because the Concepts help form a safety net

Staying in my Lane

April 2022 | What's On Your Mind?
If I’m a sober woman of any worth at all, then I’m required by all the gifts God has given me to repair whatever small tear I can in the universe.

Forgive Quickly Laugh Easily

April 2022 | What's On Your Mind?
A mom shares how she found purpose in a place where her heart feels at home

Getting back out

April 2022 | What's On Your Mind?
After two years of COVID, a member wonders what the new normal will look like and what challenges lie ahead

In the right place

March 2022 | Emotional Sobriety
Why should he put the cart back where it belongs? It’s raining and no one will notice

Shifting Focus

March 2022 | Emotional Sobriety
My wife and I have done some really fine things in improving our relationship in the past few years. And a love I’ve never experienced before has blossomed as a result.


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