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I Keep Writing

December 2023 | Remote Communities and sober holidays

The perfect night

December 2023 | Remote Communities and sober holidays
Just as the midnight mass bells were ringing, he and his partner were heading to jail

A Fresh Perspective

October 2023 | Mid-Sobriety Challenges
Totally overwhelmed at work at 12 years sober, he found the path to peace just down the road

On the right road

March 2023 | Get Into Service
Sandy’s class got him on the highway to AA. Once he passed the test, he got to return the favor

Pull up a chair

March 2022 | Emotional Sobriety
One day his buddies took him to Harry’s. What he learned there he’ll never forget

Ignite the Spirit

August 2021 | Seniors in AA
Through the freedom of the Steps, she’s no longer a prisoner of her mind or the booze that took her away

Living Proof

July 2021 | The Annual Prison Issue
A call to help a fellow member in a legal jam presents an opportunity to witness the love we show one another

Unexpected Retreat

June 2021 | Dating & Relationships
Where would she ever find AA on a remote mountain during a pandemic? She was about to be surprised

To Live in Peace

May 2021 | Our Twelve Steps
For years she wanted a God she could trust. With a good sponsor and a little faith, she finally found it through the Steps

Keys, Title & a Hug

May 2021 | Our Twelve Steps
After hitting a sober bottom, a newcomer gets busy doing the Steps with his sponsor and things start looking up


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