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A brand new memorial day

May 2022 | 60th Anniversary of the Concepts
Once a holiday of lying, hiding and heavy drinking, it’s now a weekend he cherishes

A sparkling eve

December 2021 | Remote Communities & Sober Holidays
It was her first sober New Year’s Eve and all she wanted was a nice night out with her husband

My one wish

December 2021 | Remote Communities & Sober Holidays
I thought, But for the grace of God I get to be here. When I left the jail, I sat in my car and cried tears of joy and thanked God that I had been given a heart that could love like this.

The best gift of all

December 2021 | Remote Communities & Sober Holidays
Depressed and desperate, he signed up to chair the 7 A.M. Christmas morning meeting. It probably saved his life

12 ways to have a sober holiday

December 2021 | Remote Communities & Sober Holidays
Pitching in, reaching out, fellowship and prayer. These are the things that work

Better than football & pie

November 2021 | Prayer and Meditation
Who knew throwing on an apron and rolling up his sleeves would be the secret to a joyful Thanksgiving Day?

In need of care

November 2021 | Prayer and Meditation
Helping others all day was this nurse’s job. Now it was her turn to ask for help

Teacher of the year

October 2021 | Cooperation With Professionals (CPC)
Once fearful, unreliable and smelling of alcohol, she now suits up, shows up and can’t believe the life she’s got

Locked Down & Plugged In

August 2021 | Seniors in AA
A longtime AA member and musician tunes in to stay focused and useful as the COVID-19 pandemic dims the lights on the performing world


June 2021 | Dating & Relationships
When he does the Steps, character defects get lifted. But is today the day to be ready to look at this five-syllable word?


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