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July 1944

Time on Your Hands

The heated term is among us and the "ole swimmin' hole" sends forth its appeal, so gather your trunks or midriff model and hie yourself to one of the many Jersey or Long Island beaches for a dose of vitamin-giving sunshine, or take a train to Rye and PLAYLAND. This beach is particularly recommended, especially on week days. If you can snatch only an hour or two or want some lessons, try the ST. GEORGE POOL, or the DALTON SWIMMING SCHOOL, 19 West 44th Street. . . . Would you rather sit at home with your feet on a cake of ice and a fan blowing cool zephyrs over your fevered brow? Pick a cool day, go to the USO headquarters in the Empire State Building and get a scrapbook complete with instructions for making. It's fascinating work with plenty of opportunity for individual inspiration. . . . Now that sobriety has set in, you may want a picture of the shiny new smiles wreathing the faces of the several members of your family. Two schools are recommended by the Eastman Kodak Company: the SCHOOL OF MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 136 East 57th Street and the NEW YORK INSTITUTE OF PHOTOGRAPHY, 10 West 33rd Street. . . . Are your ambitions bucolic? Send to the U. S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE, Washington, D. C., for a catalog of booklets available on farming or write to the MEDLOCK FARM, Centre Square, Pennsylvania, for an outline of their 12 lesson course in Home Farming. . . . THE PAN-AMERICAN INSTITUTE, 130 West 42nd Street, offers lessons in Spanish for 2.00, 1.50 or 1.20 an hour in a series of ten, depending on whether one, two or three persons attend, or 1.00 an hour per person for a class of six (Portuguese slightly higher), and of course, there is always the good old BERLITZ SCHOOL OF LANGUAGES, 630 Fifth Avenue. . . . Last and very important, too, if you are suffering from the heat, remember that the poor devil just off a binge with the screaming meemies is suffering more, so--don't wallow in self-pity, go to the CLUB HOUSE, 3341/2 West 24th Street. Ask the secretary in charge what you can do to help. The best way to cure your own troubles is to listen to the other fellow's.


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