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September 1944

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Dear Grapevine: I noticed recently in an issue of The Grapevine a letter from Doc N, who had found release from narcotic addiction through A.A. This letter I was most glad to see, and hasten to assure him and others that his experience is one that is beginning to be shared by quite a few. We have in our club five men who have had many years of drug addiction but who are finding complete freedom from drugs and are well on the highway to successful and happy living. Their period of freedom varies from 5 months to 6 years and they all attribute this to the help of a Higher Power that has come to them through A.A. These men, with one exception, were all primary alcoholics, and I believe this is largely true of all "hopheads." I think all drug addicts will have less difficulty in accepting Step No. 1 than the ordinary alcoholic: that their lives have become unmanageable, and that they are powerless over narcotics. I think we feel the need of even greater help than does the usual alcoholic. Our spiritual lines of communication must be kept clearer and there is need for greater voltage from the spiritual dynamo. The Higher Power is able unto the uttermost to supply this; and many others should find the answer in A.A. I'm sure that other A.A. groups have men who are finding the new life of freedom and I earnestly wish that we may get into communication with each other; and I suggest the possibility, some time, of interesting the U. S. Public Health Service in the establishment of an A.A. group in the United States Public Health Service Hospital, which is in Lexington, Kentucky.


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