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January 1949

A Great Mistake

"EASY does it: One of the greatest mistakes in life and especially the spiritual life is hurry. We are always in such a hurry to reach the end, to be perfect. We are perfectionists, but perfection takes time. Half the secret of success in learning consists in repetition, yet no one wants to repeat. Thus in spiritual life we want to skip declensions, genders, verbs, and syntax. We want to be better in a hurry. We want to read God's secrets before we can spell. We don't prepare ourselves for God's inspiration with ground-work, foot-work, above all, humility. We often wonder, after the way we have tried, that we are not better. How different from the saints who were always amazed and grateful that they were not worse. When we are going forward we probably think we are going backward. If one opens the door of a dark room he cannot see the dust and dirt in it. But if even a ray of light is let in the dust becomes very noticeable. The more light, the more the dust is seen. So with God's grace and light. The more we have the more we notice our faults. And the cleaning is a life-time work."


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