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June 1949

Mail Call for A.A.s at Home and Abroad

I HAVE been in A.A. now for about one and a half years. Really, I should say, I've been kicking it around. The first year I did all right. Then I got to feeling sorry for myself because my so-called romance wasn't working out. As long as I've been an alcoholic, I should have known that getting drunk didn't help matters any. Just the same, I did, and lost my job at the hospital, where I was a nurse. When I finally sobered up and could think better, I went back to the hospital and talked to my supervisor. She knew I was in A.A. and was doing everything in her power to help me. In fact, one of the well-known doctors in Burlington and my supervisor spent an afternoon and evening looking for me when I was out on my spree. When I heard this, I really felt bad.


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