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May 1952

Tradition Two

The second of a new series of articles explaining The Twelve Traditions. . . <lbFor our group purpose there is but one ultimate authority--a loving God as he may express himself in our group conscience. Our leaders are but trusted servants--they do not go

WHERE does AA get its direction? Who runs it? This too is a puzzler for every friend and newcomer. When told that our society has no president having authority to run it, no treasurer who can compel the payment of any dues, no board of directors who can cast an erring member into outer darkness, when indeed no AA can give another a directive and enforce obedience, our friends gasp and exclaim, "This simply can't be. There must be an angle somewhere." These practical folk then read Tradition Two, and learn that the sole authority in AA is a loving God as he may express himself to the AA group conscience. They dubiously ask an experienced AA member if this really works. The member, sane to all appearances, immediately answers, "Yes! It definitely does." The friends mutter that this looks vague, nebulous, pretty naive to them. Then they commence to watch us with speculative eyes, pick up a fragment of AA history, and soon have the solid facts and are convinced.


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