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July 1953

AA at Work. . .or at Leisure

The Grapevine is publishing the following article as "one man's opinion," in the belief that the general subject of friendship for "visiting firemen" (on or off the beam) is a matter of importance and interest to the Fellowship as a whole. We invite comme

ON September 13, 1949 in a large western metropolis a stranger called the AA Central Office in that city at 10:00 A.M., asking for help. He was alone in a hotel room, had been drinking for the three days previous, but had not yet taken a drink that morning. He wanted to stop. . .he had a sincere, yes, a desperate desire to stop drinking, for on September 15 he had to present himself to the faculty of a university where he was to have another chance to continue a promising career, once interrupted by war service and subsequent alcoholism. For three years prior to this time, he had found and maintained sobriety in AA, reestablishing his reputation and thereby earning this unbelievable second chance to follow once again his chosen profession.


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