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December 1956

From the Grass Roots


THERE ARE TWO OF ME, the me that likes to drink and the me who knows if the first me persuades the second me to take the first drink there'll be just one me--a drunken me, sooner or later. Then, a sick me, a remorseful me, a depressed me, a disillusioned me, a hopeless me, a helpless me--there are a lot of me's when I drink. Progressive! One to six (or more, there must be more--I'm too sober to think of the rest, thank my Higher Power). And, by the grace of God, I'll stay two me's with the sober me the winner--today--not yesterday when there were a lot of me's--not tomorrow when there can be a lot of me's, just today--a short twenty-four hours at a time.


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