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December 1956

. . .How unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out!

This Christmas is going to be different.

I sincerely meant that resolution each time, but for my loved ones it was the same old drunken story.

And the same thing happened during many other years on holiday occasions, spiritual and otherwise, and in between.

We're approaching Christmas once more, one of the most deeply significant of all holidays for countless people--especially those who have had a rebirth in AA. It's an ideal time for me to dwell a little on the Grace of God, its growth and spread in one man's family. . .mine.

It began, imperceptibly at first, with my AA membership and gradually changed my home from a fear-ridden and insecure habitation to an approximation of peace on earth. My wife and sons became aware of this spiritual beneficence long before I acquired the necessary receptivity to it.

And after my sons were married, the all-encompassing gift of the Grace of God extended itself to their separate homes, their wives and children--because the spectre of a quarrelsome, drunken father (me) doesn't arise to disturb or haunt their family relationships.

My recovery from alcoholism isn't a "big" story in terms of material gain. It has, however, been filled with so many manifestations, big and little, of the Grace of God that it often leaves me with mixed feelings of wonder and unworthiness.

All of which is noteworthy because I entered AA almost completely indifferent to Him. I am convinced for myself that His grace works in mysterious ways.

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