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July 1956

Milestone Iv


NEXT MONTH your Grapevine will appear in a new dress. . .a new body type face known as Century Schoolbook in the printing trade. There will also be some innovations in the design of some of the pages. These changes, approved at the General Service Conference, are established as a means to the end of easier reading and, we hope, more usefulness for the magazine. Or let's call it improved communication one with another.

We call the August issue a Milestone Issue because it is the fourth in the series that have marked the stages of the development of the Grapevine since it was founded twelve years ago.

It was a Milestone in 1945 when the groups voted to make the then local New York City Grapevine "the official monthly journal of Alcoholics Anonymous." It was another Milestone in September 1948 when the eight-page tabloid was changed to a 32-page digest-sized magazine with the text in offset varitype.

Milestone III was passed in November of 1952, when the book was enlarged to 48 pages and printed by letterpress.

We hope Milestone IV will bring us even closer together. . .in our exchange of AA life.

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