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June 1956

Across the Editor's Desk

IT WAS GREAT to meet you all face to face. That just about sums up our feeling at the Desk since the Conference where we had a chance to talk to about everybody you sent as your elected delegates to carry your suggestions, your needs, your lively positive faith to AA's recent Conclave. It was a shot in the arm of that Group Conscience that renews the truth of the axioms we try to become willing to live by.

We had a chance once again to see the vibrant mind. . .and heart. . .of AA at work in the round. And we are grateful for the reminder that it is the group ultimately, under a guidance infinitely greater than itself, that is the core of our being. You can read the proceedings on page 30.

Things have been hopping at the GV since you dropped in on us. We have our marching orders from you to join AA's maturing process in several ways. In spirit we already are making the first steps. Physically you'll notice the difference with what we hope will be some welcome surprises in August. And for the long pull plans as of this today call for some additional editorial effort.

For a starter we'd like to remind oldtimers that we have room in these pages for contributions from them. A lot of you out in those silent and humble ranks have lived a mort of sobriety and have come out on the other side of a lot of todays still walking on the solid ground of AA. We'd like to hear about it. It would be helpful to all of us, we think. It will give our communication, one with another, the breadth of your experience. You will tell us that AA as a means to the ends of a happy full existence in a real world is a continuum. . .limitless as the universe for those who seek to know and to grow.

So communicate, folks. It's the stuff of AA!

Our wise correspondent, The Old-timer, winds up a recent letter with these words: "Sure, Dad welcomed the Prodigal Son by killing a fatted calf for the feast. But remember, Dad didn't kill one every night."

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