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June 1956

First Things First

AN embryo pilot on his first cross-country solo flight is indoctrinated with a stepping-stone system of travel. He moves from one predetermined check point to the next in a prearranged series. His full energy is focused only on one point at a time.

If he looks back, he becomes confused and the wings of the plane may waver. If he looks ahead, past his next check point, he may become hopelessly confused by attempting to handle more than his inexperienced mind can assimilate or his untried flying reflexes can react to. But, if he tackles the single problem at hand in any one given instant, concentrating exclusively on the next check point and makes the necessary actions to reach that point only, the flight progresses to a perfect completion.

The moral? In my opinion, it is doubtful if any individual can absorb our program in its entirety or even several steps at once. The smooth, consistent passage past each mental or physical hurdle is certain to lead to the ultimate destination of a happy sobriety, and to a full and satisfying way of life.

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