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May 1956

Farewell for Jonas

ONCE again, as the mystery hidden in time's swift flight calls another from our ranks, we have to say "Goodbye. . .God bless you" to an old friend: Jonas A., a former Grapevine director and trustee of the Alcoholic Foundation, who died April 4, 1956 at his home in New York after a long illness.

Like many another staunch AA he left his grieving friends a serene and comforting example--of long and fruitful years of unbroken sobriety, of personal crises courageously met, of service to AA wholeheartedly given.

His going leaves a hard-to-fill place: for the many individuals who took unto themselves his simple, honest friendship; around General Service Headquarters and the Grapevine, where his business skill and sound AA principle contributed much; and--most important of all to him--at the Brooklyn Group, where he was a constant and faithful landmark at open and closed meetings every week of his life since 1942.

But it leaves also the most valuable legacy of all: the memory of a good man who always did the best he could, and--in so doing and without knowing it--helped many of us to do the same.

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