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September 1956

Helping Hands

Activities and developments outside AA in the field of alcoholism. . .suggestions and possible contributions--information, clippings, marked publications, etc.--are invited. Please mark them "Helping Hands.

CASE HISTORY: "Mr. J. came in desperate about his wife's alcoholism. A friend had insisted that she join AA. She was disgusted and horrified and rebelled against the very thought. . . After Mr. J. had gained some knowledge of the true facts concerning alcoholism he was able to change his attitude to compassion and a deeper understanding of his wife's problem. She was hostile to AA treatment but the Information Center put her in touch with a sympathetic and understanding doctor, who assisted her with medication to get her physical system toned up, and in cooperation with her husband, the Center and the doctor, she consented to see a member of AA. She has never looked back."

This could be the story of your neighbor. Actually, it is taken from the Third Annual Report of the Society for Education on Alcoholism of Cape Town, South Africa. The Society, a non-profit organization supported by public-spirited citizens, encourages problem drinkers to join AA and is also supporting the Alanon Family Group movement.

GOVERNMENT AID FOR ALCOHOLICS? Alcoholics should be cared for by the Government, according to Dr. Andrew C. Ivy, of the University of Illinois Medical School. Dr. Ivy says that federal agencies have a "legal and moral responsibility" to care for compulsive drinkers who are unable to stop drinking by themselves. According to Dr. Ivy, 250,000 new alcoholics are made every year in the United States.

IN BRIEF: Says the Rev. John C. Ford, S.J., in his book on alcoholism, "Man Takes a Drink": "The alcoholic's only hope is to surrender to this idea: I can't handle drink any more and never can. Drinking is not for me.' " . . . An analysis of one year's fatal highway accidents in Texas proved that 49 percent of them involved drinking drivers.

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