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December 1957

AA Around the World

REPORT FROM BORDEAUX <lbNews, comments and letters from and about AA's worldwide outposts and centers--gleaned from letters to the Grapevine and General Service Headquarters, and from the "AA Exchange Bulletin," published monthly by GSH

MY HUSBAND AND I have recently returned from the European Round-up at Wiesbaden, Germany.

It had been one full year since I had attended a meeting that included another woman. Little; by little, AA had just about left me. . . I'd had three slips. I tried--but without interest.

I wasn't looking forward to the Roundup and recall thinking on the way up that nothing was worth this long tiresome drive and if I had stayed at home, I could have gotten good and drunk and got it out of my system!

I felt sure I would be bored to death through it all. I believe I began to feel differently at the very first, when we went to register. Several women were around and I soon found myself talking--and listening.

I don't believe I took anybody's inventory in those two wonderful days. Every speaker was grand. I really felt I was part of it all. One gal especially helped me, although I think it was the group as a whole that seemed to bring me back to the AA I felt in the states. Needless to say, I'm pretty darn happy I went.

The Roundup included native and American AA speakers from several countries, and two non-AAs, the head psychologist at Frankfurt and the chaplain. . . .

I don't care to go so long again without help, and as our group--all G.I.'s--sometimes includes only my husband and myself, I would like to correspond with other female AAs. . . .

Best wishes to all at Headquarters and thanks for your helpfulness to our group and its growing pains. To date we are three. Three sober at least.

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