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October 1957

AA Around the World

FROM INDIA <lbNews, comments and letters from and about AA's worldwide outposts and centers--gleaned from letters to the Grapevine and General Service Headquarters, and from the "AA Exchange Bulletin," published monthly GSH

FOLLOWING GSH CORRESPONDENCE through the weeks is like following a serial of endless fascination. In July we wrote in this department about a Canadian member who had started a two-year business tenure in South East Asia by running an ad 'way back in January in the New Delhi press for anyone in Asia having a problem with you-know-what. In June the following letter arrived at GSH from Calcutta. (Mr. C.W.M. is our Charley from Canada). . . .

Dear Sir,

Mr. C.W.M. of New Delhi, who is sponsoring AA in India, paid a visit to Calcutta, and a few of us alcoholics who had responded to an advertisement call of his in one of the leading dailies, met him at his hotel in Calcutta.

After the first advertisement appeared, I called for AA literature, and was sent two or three pamphlets, one of which was "This Is AA." I decided to try out the "24 Hour Plan" and found it worked admirably in my case. Before coming to Calcutta Mr. M. informed me that he would be pleased to interview me on his arrival.

He arrived on Monday the 27th ultimo, and I, amongst others, spent two enlightening evenings with him. He suggested to me to write to you for full details together with a full set of literature, so that I could help start an AA group in this city. Will you please therefore be good enough to send me to the above address full details and literature together with any handbook, etc., you issue for the starting of a group.

Mr. M. has already requisitioned on you for some literature and the Big Books, one copy of which he is supplying me on receipt. He is away on tour at present, and will not be back in Delhi before the end of June.

Please let me know if we have to pay any dues for affiliation. Mr. M. had an idea that we may have to do so, but as he was not too sure he asked me to get all the details from your good selves. In fact any help you can give us to get started, I shall be ever so grateful. Mr. M. will be this way again in September, and is keen to see how we get along.

No sooner we get all the information from you, we shall advertise in the leading dailies as suggested by Mr. M. Specimen of such advertisement he has left with me. There are three of us at present, and since we got together we have met twice after Mr. M.'s departure on the 31st.

Awaiting to hear from you,

Yours very truly,


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