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October 1957

AA Around the World

FROM THE U.S.A.<lbNews, comments and letters from and about AA's worldwide outposts and centers--gleaned from letters to the Grapevine and General Service Headquarters, and from the "AA Exchange Bulletin," published monthly GSH

YALE SUMMER SCHOOL OF ALCOHOL STUDIES was attended by thirty-two AAs from all parts of the country during the June-July annual seminar series. Anita R., who attended the two-day sessions featuring AA as the representative from GSH, reports that in general co-operation between AA and the various professional services working in the field of alcoholism was stressed. One evening the entire school attended a "typical" AA meeting. There were also three regular sessions featuring AA: "A Sociologist Looks at AA," "The Community Agency and AA" and "Factors in Affiliation with AA." The latter talk was given by Professor Harrison M. Trice of Cornell University, a non-alcoholic trustee of the General Service Board of AA.

THE FIRST OHIO CONFERENCE held in Columbus July 19-21 was an outstanding success, according to reports brought back by Hazel R. and Hank G. who were guest speakers from GSH. More than 1000 members and friends attended and a warm greeting was extended to the visitors by Governor C. William O'Neil, who gave his enthusiastic endorsement and promise of continued support to the AA program. A special feature of the conference program was the Sunday meeting held at the Ohio State Penitentiary where 300 inmates and guests heard Hazel R.

THE NORTHERN CALIFORNIA COUNCIL CONFERENCE, held in Watsonville in June, was also a "colossal success." 1400 members gathered together for the two days of meetings climaxed by a talk by Marty M. Another featured speaker was Dr. A. E. Bennett, a specialist in neurology from Berkeley. Dr. Bennett spoke on "Importance of Early Recognition of Alcoholic Brain Disease."

59 NEW GROUPS, 9 loners, 4 hospital groups, and 5 new prison groups were registered at GSH during the latest one-month period for which figures are available.

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