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October 1957

Across the Editor's Desk

I BELONG TO AN AA SCHOOL OF THOUGHT which believes there is no such thing as "alcoholic thinking" after sobriety has quite thoroughly vacuumed the accumulated debris of our drinking years.

Maybe I've been too dogmatic about it. Here's why.

During the hot, stifling months, other publications cut down their number of pages, reasoning that people read less in summer than in cooler weather. Advertisers do likewise.

So, what does our Grapevine do? It flaunts publishing tradition ["alcoholic thinking?"] by adding sixteen pages, starting with the July issue--just when summer's perspiration starts rolling down into readers' eyes.

The copy you are now holding is the fourth number of the recently expanded Grapevine, and if the success of the three previous numbers is any indication, it too will increase our readership.

It has been said that a good editor has a worried look on his assistants' faces. Must be true because they babied and weighed it, fiddled with and fondled it, and, finally, patted it on the cover at press time. They don't claim they were over-worked, but they certainly worked over these new issues.

Our purpose is not merely quantitative expansion, but rather is aimed at a more newsworthy magazine--more representative of its national and international readership.

Should you think this is a puff by the editor and his staff, you're so right. Frankly, there's no sense in overdoing this humility thing. There's nothing wrong with having an honest confidence in something we're doing for our own sobriety.

We enjoy getting out the Grapevine. We sincerely hope you enjoy reading it.

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