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October 1957

From the Grass Roots


Beginning with the current issue, this department will carry only brief letters of comment, query, and/or complaint which appear to be intended as "Letters to the Editor."

GREETINGS TO ALL IN THE BIG OFFICE! Enclosed please find my check for $100. I have "earmarked" It for support of General Service Headquarters. If this renders the check unacceptable just scratch through that portion and put in general fund.

This seems like mighty little for what AA has saved me. In my way of looking at it, AA saved my life, my wife, my children, my home, my business, my religion, my citizenship, my sanity--and is doing a satisfactory job in saving my soul!

My wife joins me in sending our very best wishes and our sincere thanks to all of you up there.

As reported in the September Grapevine, the 1957 General Service Conference voted to limit financial contributions by individual AAs to $100--Ed.

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