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February 1963

P. O. Box 1980

To AI-Anon

Just received my December Grapevine. I have never had the courage to write you about any article I have read for fear my ego might get hurt, if my opinion wasn't appreciated or understood. Today, however, through the love I have found in our AA Fellowship, I have no such fear, but a deep feeling of gratitude to God, AA and the Al-Anon, in particular, of the Ferndale Group of Michigan.

This is a letter of gratitude to all the ladies, and if I'm not mistaken there are two Al-Anon gentlemen. You see, Mr. Anon., of Bleating Deacon's Corner, these women were very kind to this "girl alkie." And you can bet your bottom dollar, like you, I pray to God I never have to go back to that hell on earth of sneaky drinking, state hospitals, jail, etc. Yes, I've been all the way down, but to this bunch of Al-Anon gals, I was their friend, and a sufferer of the same disease, alcoholism, their husbands have.

We do not sit and gossip, they have their "closed meetings," the same evening we have ours. They discuss the Twelve Steps, same as we do, except the first one, where "we admitted we were alcoholics," they admit they are powerless over an alcoholic."

Thank God, fifteen months ago I found myself surrendering unconditionally to the First Step, without reservation. Thanks to the faith and prayers of my solid AA friends, and our Al-Anon group.